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Extreme Enduro Lika



12.-13. 9. 2015. best extreme enduro race Croatia Extreme Enduro Lika with 250 riders. After crash in Prolog 1 and takink 23. place, Prolog 2 i didnt ride, so total position was 31. place to start extreme enduro race. From start i have give maximun so after 5 chackpoint i was around 17. place, but than my oil in clutch overheat and need to stop every 10-15 minute to cool it. I come to finish in 31. place and do all 14 checkpoints.

3rd edition ENDUROCROSS TK racing



12.7.2015. EnduroCross on TK racing track. We give best so  you can enjoy in racing endurox on TK track. Who will be new champion this year ?

Erzberg rodeo 2015



Tihomir Kotarski rides his best result in Erzberg rodeo, Prolog Heat 1 finishes in 46. position from almost 2000 riders and after Prolog Heat 2 he has qualify for main event in 53. positions, Hare scramble race after problems with bike in few first checkpoints he push hard and come to 14 checkpoint and finishes in 86. position.

TK racing on FunnelWeb Filter



TK racing tested on world hardest extreme enduro race Erzberg rodeo FunnelWeb filter and in 3 days extreme dusty conditions FunnelWeb filter make difference on bikes, save you money, give engine better and longer air flow.

TK racing Radiator protection



Special edition TK racing radiator protection for KTM/Husaberg/Husqvarna off road bikes, light but extreme protection.

TK racing bikes on Tubliss system



Try the best, no flat tyres, easy to mount, info if you need one. You can ride with this system with flat tyre so you can push hard till end of race.

Kraš main sponsor for 2015. season



Well known croatian candy factory will again support TK racing in racing season 2015., tnx for support, see you on track with some candys.

Valvoline lubricants



Tnx to Val-Int d.o.o. for support with lubricants in 2015. season, chain spray, silicon spray, air filter oil, 2t oil, 4t oil and all what you need for lubricate your bike.

Solgar Nutrition



Tnx to Solgar Nutrition for products that i use to prepare for racing season : B-complex with vitamin C, Energy Modulators, Thermogenic Complex, Multi-Nutrient Formula, Omega-3 Double Strength, Whey to go

Doma exhaust systems



TK racing bikes in season 2015. will use Doma exhaust systems. Ask if you need it for your bike.