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2rd race AlpeAdria jet ski Tour Zagreb



8.-10. 9. on Jarun lake was 3rd race AlpeAdria championship, in race one TK racing win and in second race he end second so Overall he take 2nd place.

2nd race AlpeAdria jet ski Tour Osijek



25-27.8. on river Drava in city Osijek was 2nd championship race where TK racing win GP4 class.

World championship Italy



On 16.-18. 6. Tk racing went to Sardenia on World championship race. With many fast competitors he was fighting but best he do 8. place Overall in season 2023. Tnx to his team Nprotune and sponsors Tomo Varga d.o.o., Valvoline Val-Int d.o.o. and Auto Prikratki.

Extreme Enduro TSR9



20.-21. 5. in town Otočac was AlpeAdria and Croatian championship in Extreme Enduro. On slippery track full of mud and slippery stones TK racing first day on Prolog race ride smart so he can start behind leaders of Veterans. In Sunday race after start he make good pace and catch best time for Overall 1st place. This was also last race od 2023. Croatian champion where TK racing win one more championship in his career.

Extreme Enduro Lika



Weekend 5.-7- 5. was for extreme enduro Lika, best race in region. Tk racing was fighting in Veteran class 40+ where he make good pace with solid 2nd place Overall Veteran and 2nd in Croatian championship Veteran class.

Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour Rijeka 2023.



First race of AA championship was held in Rijeka 22.-23. 4. on perfect location in front of hotel Hilton. TK racing give all but with less luck on start he end on 4th position in GP4 class.

Alpe Adria Finals Zadar 23.-24.9.



Final jet ski race season 2022. was on beach Borik in Zadar, TK racing give all and in first GP4 moto with big mistake he and on 3rd place. On last moto of season he was need to get all to win championship and he did it. He lead from start to finish so one more Crown of winning championship was ad to his big career of racing. Tnx to sponsors Valvoline, Nprotune, Autoprikratki and Tomo Varga d.o.o.

Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour 18.-19.6. Zagreb



First race of Jet Ski season held in Zagreb on Jarun lake, hard fights but with to many mistakes and some luck on end TK racing in GP4 class Overall take 3rd position, in class GP3 he finish Overall on 6th place. Good performance in first season race for TK racing.

Season 2022. is coming



For season 2022. TK racing has build new jet ski, from his special parts that are used from winners acros globe he is ready to race.

Last race Croatian Crosscountry championship 2021.



Last Crosscountry race was held in Zlatni Lug in Požega, on beautiful landscape of family Pandžić. Track was prepared perfect and TK racing in Gold clas end on 6 position. So Overall end year in Gold class on 4th position.