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3rd place in CC race Rakov Potok



First race of Croatian championship in Crosscountry in Rakov Potok was not so good for TK racing. After not so good start he pass ten riders and riding safe on 3rd position but than in last lap he hit tree and get injured. He end race on 3rd position in Gold class but he went in hospital for operation of clavicula so season is over for TK.

Dinaric Rally 1st time 1st place



TK racing comes first time on Rally racing and end Overall 1st in 3 days of racing 640km with 6 special stages. With more that 60 riders he show great skills in navigation and fast ridings on technical and fast special stages, and make advantage of 8min and 45 sec on second rider Overall.

European championship Hungary



28.-30.8. was first race of European jet ski championship in Hungary/Levelek. TK racing was ready to go in first moto GP4 he get good start and catch 3rd place so good position for good Overall result. In second moto he was blocked on start by unfair move of one rider who get penalty but for TK racing was over for good result so he end on 10. position. Again in moto 3 one rider didnt hold line before yellow boui and get penalty but this was over for chance for podium for TK racing so he end on 12. place in moto3 so Overall he was on 7. place in Hungarian race. Maybe next time better luck.

Win for TK racing in AA Czech republic



In Czech republic Jedovnice was second championship Alpe Adria jet ski race where TK racing make double win in GP4 class so Overall win and now thake lead in championship GP4 , he was faster in both race from actual world champion. In class GP3 he take 5. and 3. place so overall was on third place in GP3. Last race is 19.-20. 9. on island Vir Croatia.

First season race AA Jet Ski Zagreb



And finally racing season has started AlpeAdria jet ski Tour in Zagreb 26.-28. 6., TK racing fight hard in two class GP3 and GP4. In GP3 with his Spark he take 5,2,2 position Overall 2nd, and in GP4 class he won first moto , than jump start where penalty cost him 5 position and again win in third moto, so Overall 2nd for just one point behind first. Overall season start very good for Apios racing team rider, next round is Czech republic Jedovnice 22./23. 8.

Fresco exhaust systems



TK racing supported by Fressco exausts, Italian company specialized on two stroke exhausts that TK use on his bikes.

TK PRO Athlete



TK racing get from Croatian Olympic committee status Pro Athlete in Jet Ski after his success in racing European championship. Looking for more great racing results in 2020.

Night of Champions 2019



TK racing again Crosscountry champion Pro class 2019. , Croatian prize ceremony was held in Jastrebarsko with gala dinner in hotel Princess.

4th Final Round CrossCountry Ribnik TK racing CROATIAN CHAMPION



26.10. on best prepared organization and track in Ribnik was last round of Croatian crosscountry championship together with Slovenian. TK racing score 2. place in PRO class in Croatian championship so this Year Croatian champion PRO is TK racing with only 1 point over second rider.

3rd Round CrossCountry Jastrebarsko



Hard MX track with some forest part on 19.10. Croatian Cross Country championship TK racing give all and end on 5. place. in PRO class.